About Us

Soho Group, with the main office in the town of Bar, Montenegro, includes several companies that are leading in their fields, with prominent specialists and excellent organization.

The following companies operate within Soho Group:

Investment fund, which has the possibility to invest in highly attractive projects due to very good administrative resources.

Soho Gradnja construction company, founded in 1987, which has built and put into operation millions of square meters of residential, hotel and commercial facilities, as well as various kinds of factories and plants, both in Montenegro and in the region, and especially in the former Soviet Union countries. Soho Gradnja is one of the leading construction companies in Montenegro, with very experienced engineering and architecture staff.

Soho Travel agency, very successful in the area of outgoing and incoming tourism. There are also a real estate and rent-a-car agency operating within Soho Travel. Additionally, we are developing an online accommodation system for Montenegro. Soho Group has therefore completed the offer for any customer, i.e. we can provide complete logistics in Montenegro.

Soho Café, located in Bar, considered one of the most popular cafes/bars in Montenegro. It is usually referred to as the business club of Montenegrin entrepreneurs.

Soho Energo, a newly founded company engaged in investing in the energy sector. In the near future Soho Energo will put into operation its first hydro power plant. Please note that Montenegro is one of the richest countries in energy sources (renewable energy sources) per capita in the world.

Hipokrat (Hippocrates) Clinic, a private clinic, which is a leading diagnostic centre in Montenegro. Inter alia, it is the only clinic with various high-tech medical equipment, such as magnetic resonance imaging.

As regards sports, Soho Group is known in Montenegro as one of the major investors in sports. Female volleyball club Galeb, with 300 girls practicing, is a champion of Montenegro in all categories.

Soho Group is also engaged in philanthropy – we have made donations to hospitals, churches, construction of playgrounds, socially vulnerable groups, etc.

Plans of Soho Group for 2016-2020 include the construction of 350 residential units in Bar, construction of a 5-star hotel complex with 250 accommodation units in Bar, construction of a regional diagnostic centre with magnetic resonance imaging for the Montenegrin coast, construction of a polyclinic in Podgorica.

Rade Vujačić